We are a company that really likes to help people. That is why we have put together this website which has all sorts of handy information about money. We realised that there were a lot of people that were struggling with money. This is usually because people do not make good decisions when they are spending and borrowing as well as saving money. We realise that this is not through any fault of their own but because they have no learned how to make a good decision. We have therefore decided to address that by putting some useful information on this website. The idea is that we can start to explain some different things about money in the hope that people will start to get an interest and a desire to learn more. We also realise that finance is not an easy subject and so we have chosen a writer that explains well and puts things simply so that even people that have not really been taught anything about money will be able to understand. We hope that this will enable us to reach as many people as possible and show them some steps that they can take so that they can improve their financial situation.